About Us

About Us
Corporate Culture
Wuxi kaiLi biotech Limited A registered in Wuxi with biologics and medicine intermediate, dye intermediate category, high-end research and development of science and technology enterprises
and develop new products according to the customers demand. Professional Designing, optimizing techonology on the manufacture and providing other chemical technical support are also professinally provided by ChemOrganic for API and other chemical plant.
The company is composed by a team of experienced Organic specialist, high-technical chemist and professors,Dr.s from Zhejiang University. And ChemOrganic have the R&D center, QA/QC team, pilot testing and industrial plant. The special facilities in ChemOrganic enable us to get low-temperature, high-pressure conditions for the unusual operations.
Kaili biotech uses its technology advantage and its best service to provide the customer with great technical support and high-quality products Do hope to develop a long term relationship with the customers. Welcome allthe customers inside and outside to work on a new century together for the chemical industry.